About Sagres

how it all began

sagres (”saw-gres”)

In 2019, I visited Sagres, Portugal for the first time with my husband, Nigel. At the time, I had just taken the Texas Bar Exam and was taking my first trip to Europe for a month long adventure. We stayed in Algrave Coast of Portugal and fell in love with the area.

One thing I realized on the trip was my jewelry would be worn for half the day because it was so heavy. I wanted to find earrings that were affordable and comfortable. There did not seem to be anything of high quality out on the market that met this criteria, so I began to brainstorm.

As my mother always says, a way to dress up an outfit is by adding a pair of earrings. Our earrings provide all day comfort and are lightweight.

about our owner

Hey y’all - it’s Amanda! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Since a young age, I have had the entrepreneurial spirit - from selling crafted flip-flops on the beach as a little girl to working with my mom in her Texas souvenir business. I grew up with both my parents being entrepreneurs and going on sales calls with my mom from a young age. I began Sagres to create a more affordable, comfortable, and fun way of accessorizing outfits.

Since a young age, I have always loved jewelry. Personally, it can change an entire look of an outfit and make you feel confident. It is the best the finishing touch - in addition to icing on a cake. Thanks y’all for being here and joining me on this journey. 

This is a photo of my husband, Nigel and I in Sagres, Portugal where the idea of starting Sagres began!

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